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On the blue side, FNC ban Evelynn, Nidalee, Zed and pick Lee Sin, Elise, LeBlanc, Vayne and Leona. On the purple side, ALL ban Lulu, Gragas, Jinx and pick Shyvana, Kha’zix, Kayle, Lucian and Morgana. Both teams were focused on the enemy mid-laner as 5/6 bans were directed towards Froggen and xPeke, the two playmakers.

Alliance were expecting their opponents to initiate a lane swap and preemptively moved their duo in the top-lane, only to find Lee Sin there waiting for them. FNC pulled a few more mind games as they secured 3 of the 4 buffs and gained an early advantage they could capitalize on in the 4th minute, as Elise came in to assist his duo-bot in turret diving of Kha’zix and securing the first tower of the game. Five minutes later, FNC would take an early dragon due to Elise’s early game tankiness, but are forced to concede their top outer turret as ALL rallies 4 people in the top-lane to get the kill on Lee Sin and the tower. The CS count around the 12 minute mark showed a big advantage for Shyvana who managed to farm better in a 1v2 scenario, 48-65 and almost even standings in the mid, 104-99 and bot-lane 97-106. Two minutes later, FNC send 4 people in the top-lane as well to secure a kill on the enemy top-laner and down the outer turret, just like ALL did earlier, but Froggen and crew manage to respond with the bot outer turret. As they backed away though, FNC claim their second uncontested dragon of the game.

In the 21st minute, Froggen finds xPeke in the bottom-lane and makes quick work of him thanks to his ultimate, but Nyph gets caught out and killed in the mid-lane by the rest of FNC, just in time for the dragon to re-spawn. ALL want this dragon too much and call Shyvana down from the top-lane for assistance. They end up getting it, uncontested, but Rekkles stayed in the top-lane and downed the inner turret there, this was not the trade ALL were looking for. Two minutes later a full 5v5 fight exploded around the blue buff of ALL, as FNC wanted to prevent Froggen from getting it. A very messy fight by both teams, with a severe lack of focus ended with the blue buff going over to FNC, but ALL won the trade 2-1 and proceeded down the mid-lane to destroy both the outer and the inner turret before backing off. FNC answer with two turrets of their own as they take the mid outer turret before rotating bot, finding a pick on Kayle and taking the inner tower down as well. One minute later, another skirmish breaks off in the mid-lane as FNC find a pick on Froggen again, use a lot of ultimates to get him down and sacrifice Lee Sin in the process, but manage to kill Kayle and take their 3rd dragon of the game, as ALL are too late to contest it.

The next fight would take place around the baron pit as FNC were toying with the idea of starting it and ALL were waiting on the side, ready to contest it. Following a miscommunication between the FNC members, Leona would engage on the enemy team, as his team mates retreated and being all alone in the middle of the ALL team, Yellowstar would find a quick and painless death. The rest of FNC was chased down and Froggen and crew found themselves 2 more kills before turning their attention to baron and slaying the beast. With the baron buff on, ALL push in the bot-lane and walk right past Lee Sin who was soloing the dragon. Regardless, they take both the inner and the inhibitor tower down before destroying the inhibitor itself and retreat to even out the gold between the 2 teams. At the next baron fight, things would unfold exactly the same, but with the roles being reversed. This time, it was ALL making a huge mistake and engaging a fight in the corridor behind the enemy blue buff. The skirmish was started after Elise got caught out and it turned out to be a perfect bait, as Lee Sin could stun everyone with his ultimate and Vayne was able to shoot at will from the back-line. Perfect engage for FNC and a 3-0 won skirmish for Rekkles and crew, who down both baron and dragon to re-build their 5k gold lead. Not having the best siege team, FNC only gets the mid inner turret down with the help of the baron buff, but would continue to secure very good vision control in the enemy jungle and religiously kill the dragon.

The next time baron would respawn, FNC were looking for a fight and ALL had no vision in the pit. Morgana tried to shed some light, but was one-shoted by xPeke and with the threat of the black shield gone, FNC would roll over their opponents with Rekkles doing a fantastic job and kiting both Kha’zix and Shyvana to secure a 4-0 win for FNC, who went on to win the game in 52 minutes. Fantastic start to the super-week with a great game between the two most hyped teams in Europe.


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